Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rose Bowl Flea Market


Wow, what a day!  What a long, exhausting, but exhilarating day! 


Maggie and I decided a couple months ago that we wanted to be vendors at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  So we found awesome inexpensive furniture to paint and shabby up, made a bunch of adorable burlap pillows, signs and other cute home d├ęcor.  My garage became our storage place and my dining room table our work station! 

The day before the flea market we loaded up Maggie’s truck and an SUV full of our stuff.  Boy was that fun…NOT!

flea2     flea1

On the morning of the flea market we were up at 2:30 and were in line(with hundreds of other trucks) to get into the Rose Bowl at 3:45am!!!  My husband is in the red SUV on the 1st picture!  What a trooper he was! 

Once they opened the gates at 4:30 we were quickly inside the market looking around in the dark for our spot!  Maggie was driving and I was walking (in the freezing, finger numbing cold) in front of her looking all around for F17. 

flea21         flea22

Having only a little over an hour and a half to set up, we got to work unloading all the items, in the pitch black, without any feeling in our fingers!  Did I mention yet that it was freezing and dark?   Well, it was!


Once unloaded we began to set up our booth and realized that we had a lot of product to sell!  We moved things here and there and then back again.  Then once the sun was up we moved things around even more now that we could see.  Amazing what a little light can do! 

Notice our matching Urban Hoot aprons!  Fun, huh? 


Here are a few up-close pictures of our booth!





flea16      flea17

The response from people was amazing!  We had one guy ask where our warehouse was…ummm…my garage!  We were able to sell over 3/4 of our stuff!  Sweetness…hardly anything to pack up and take back home! 

Yay!  See how empty our booth was at the end of the day?  And, I was quite thrilled we did not sell that yellow dresser or the white lamp cause I really really really wanted them for my house! 


After a 17 hour day, 12 of those on our feet, starting in the pitch black freezing cold to ending up with sunburns, the day was a complete success!  We learned so much from our 1st experience at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and can not wait to put that new knowledge to use again!  We are hoping to do 4 events at the Rose Bowl in 2013 and a few at some other flea markets around Southern California!