Friday, March 23, 2012

Embossed Greeting Cards!


A couple years back I was really into making greeting cards.  In fact, I opened a business selling my amazing greeting cards.  All of my cards were made with Lasting Impressions embossing templates!  Have you ever seen their templates?  They are sooo cute! 

I had a great time making them, but a salesperson I am NOT, so unfortunately my card business didn’t last too long!  I believe in trying things, even when you may not succeed! 

To emboss greeting cards you will need: an embossing template, a light box, an embossing tool and paper.  To start, place your template on your light box (turn light on) then put paper over your template and trace along the inside of the template with your embossing tool using a light pressure!  You will now have a raised (embossed) design!  Nothing to it, huh?  Next distress the raised edges of design so the embossing shows up better.  After that cut out your design and embellish your greeting card. 

Here are a few of my favorites that I have made!


Easter egg card

HE01    HE02

Easter Bunny cards


Friendship Card

KB07      KG01

Cards for little boys and little girls.

KN12       KN07

Cards for expecting moms and new babies!

M02     W01

Cards for men and women.

HT03    HH02

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Halloween Cards


Christmas cards

O05     O06

Cute bug cards


What do you think?  Cute, huh?  They are so much fun to make and you can be really creative with how you embellish your cards!  Give greeting cards a try using embossing templates.  You will never have to buy another greeting card again! 

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hop a Lot!


What do you have when 5 girls get together with some burlap, buttons, ribbons, a sewing machine and lunch?  A hopping good time with lots of laughter, of course!  My friends and I love to have craft parties.  For some reason, I am the only one who has thrown them…probably cause I like to be in control!  Hehe!  Anyway, since Easter is fast approaching and I love the burlap bunnies that Oopsey Daisy made,  we decided to give them a try! 


Are they not the most adorable bunnies ever?  They are super easy and fun to make, especially with a group of girls!


Make sure you HOP on over to Oospey Daisy to check out her super sweet bunnies and awesome blog!

To make a burlap bunny you will need burlap (duh!), buttons, ribbons or fabric, stuffing, scissors, hot glue gun, black sharpie, pink chalk and a sewing machine.  I apologize for so many pictures, but it is hard to explain without them…so just deal with it! :)

bunny13      bunny16

Step 1/2:  Fold over your burlap(to give you 2 even pieces) and cut a long rectangular piece.  After that, cut a V out of one end to make its ears.  It is cool because you can vary the height and size of your bunny by cutting different lengths and widths.


I only had cream and tan burlap, but wanted a gray bunny, so I pulled out my spray paint, hung up my already cut burlap onto a branch outside and gave my burlap a nice coat of gray!

bunny2       bunny18      bunny4

Step 3/4/5:  Now you will need to sew your bunny together, but just its body.  Hopefully, you know how to sew, because none of us girls really knew what we were doing so we had a lot of trial and errors! 

Start just below one ear and go down the body, across the bottom and then up the other side to where the ear starts!  Now turn your bunny inside out and stuff with either beans or stuffing…only stuff it to where the ears start!   We used beans on the bottom, so it would stand by itself, then used stuffing for the rest.

bunny17        bunny19

Step 6/7:  Next sew a line straight across just under the V of the ears to keep your stuffing in!  Once that is done you will need to sew your ears together.  We basically sewed an M on its ears.  We started from one side and went up to the tip then down and up and down!  Does that make sense?  Sounds like a roller coaster, huh?  Now you are done sewing! 


Time for a lunch break!!!  Ever have haystacks?  They are so yummy!  Sorry the picture is not that great, but I was super hungry so didn’t really care what it looked like!

Okay, now that you are full, get back to work! 

bunny9                bunny7

Step 8:  It is time to add personality to your bunny!  Chose your ribbon/fabric and tie it around under its ears to bring them together.  Use your black sharpie to add eyes, nose, whiskers and mouth…which we had forgotten, until my son asked what happened to its mouth…oops!  Next add some pinkish chalk to the ears and cheeks.  Almost done…time for the buttons.  We hot glued 2 buttons on the belly, but of course you can do more than that!  Some of the girls used buttons for the eyes and nose as well…your choice.

When using hot glue, use extreme caution!  I was not paying attention (probably talking with one of the girls) and dripped hot glue right onto my fingers…ouch!  After yelling and dropping the hot glue gun I proceeded to pull off the glue, taking my skin along with it.  It was pretty sweet, let me tell you!  The glue that I did not get off right away, caused a blister.  The only positive thing about that is I got out of doing the dishes for a few days! 


My friends with their bunnies!  Aren’t they the cutest?  I am talking about my friends, but their bunnies are cute too!




Notice my burlap carrot? It was NOT easy to make, and took me quite a few times to get it looking somewhat decent.  This post has been long enough, so I am not going to share how to do the carrot.  Happy, aren’t you?  It’s okay, my feelings are not hurt (sniff, sniff)!


Wait, I want a picture with all the bunnies!  I think I should have fixed my hair first. What is up with all that frizz?  Umm…and what am I doing with my one hand?

Thanks, so much for sticking with this long post!  I know it was totally worth your time, right???

FYI:  Don’t wear black or anything dark when cutting burlap, it gets all over you!


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Liebster Blog Award!!!


My DIY Planter Box has been a huge hit!  After checking out my planter box and blog, Kimberly from See Sew and Seedlings, awarded me the Liebster Blog Award!  I can’t tell you how excited and honored I am to receive this award!  I want to thank Kimberly for passing the Liebster Blog Award on to me!  Thanks Kimberly!!!



I am so delighted to pass this award on to 5 deserving blogs!

I want this adorable Spring Pallet Art that CREAT.CRAFT.LOVE  made on my mantel!

The time and effort Bringing Beauty  put into her Chevron Vanity was well worth it!

I am so loving Shabby Sweet Tea  Bathroom Hutch with the chicken wire!

The Metal Basket lights done by Vintage Finds is definitely something I would buy and hang in my house!

My Sweet Creations  Homemade Snicker Bars are to die for! 


Congratulations to each of you and be sure to pass along the Liebster Blog Award. 


Here are the rules for passing it along.

  • Choose 5 up and coming blogs to award with less than 200 followers.
  • Show your appreciation to the blogger who awarded you by linking back to them.
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  • Link back to the blogs you are awarding so that everyone else can pay them a visit.

Thanks again See Sew and Seedlings for this amazing award!