Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thank You Cards!

What’s the best part about Birthdays?  Gifts, of course!  Kidding…well kind of!  Gift giving has always been a huge part of my family.  We get together for every birthday and do the whole gift thing!   I love giving birthday gifts.  Finding or making that ‘perfect’ gift is so much fun.  That is probably why I like, okay love, getting gifts as well…don’t judge, you know you love getting gifts too!  When you receive a gift that is your style or something that you love, you feel really special knowing that your friend or family member really knows you.

What’s the worst part about birthdays?  Writing thank-you cards, of course!  I am terrible about thank you cards and always have been.  When my husband and I got married I hated writing all of those thank you cards for the gifts and honestly when I had about 5% of the cards left to do, I stopped!  How bad is that?  My mom is totally cringing right now.  Anyway, if you are one of the 5% that didn’t receive a card…thank you so much for the wonderful blender, vase, picture frame, plate and silverware you gave us!

Last week was my birthday and my amazing friends took me to lunch and gave me some wonderful gifts and some gift cards to places that I love to shop at!  Since I just got my Cameo a couple weeks ago, I decided to use it to make some handmade thank you cards!  Now, honestly, I soooo wouldn’t have done handmade thank you cards, but I needed something to blog about! Hehe. True story.


I love birds and orange so this card is so me. 

thanks11    thanks

First I cut out the branch, with the Cameo, out of the front of the card.  I had a lot more success with cardstock then I did with vinyl.  Then I cut out my bird without it’s wing.  Took me a while to figure out how to separate the different parts of the image, but I finally figured it out.

thanks3   thanks4

I wanted the wing to be out of fabric so I used the fabric interfacing for it.  Now, I was a little skeptical about whether the Cameo would actually be able to cut fabric, but I am a believer now!  Wow, does it cut great!  To use the fabric interfacing, you will need to iron it onto the back of your fabric.  Once you have done that, peel off the white sheet that is on the interfacing and put it onto your cutting mat.  Now you are ready to cut.  It cut so good, that when I first looked at it, I couldn’t even see where the cut was. 

I planned on attaching the wing so it was 3D on the bird, but the fabric wasn’t quite stiff enough for that, so I cut out the same wing shape on cardstock, then ironed the fabric onto the cardstock. 

thanks7   thanks8

Here is all the pieces ready to be assembled.  Next I stamped ‘Delight in the little things’ on the front of the card.



You can not have a cute card in an ugly plain envelope, right?  Nope!  So I put a strip of patterned tape, recently purchased at Target, down the left side and a flower stamp on the bottom right side of the envelope.  I think it turned out super cute.








So remember, my birthday is April 4th! 

No, really…when choosing a gift, really think about the person and give something that they love or that would mean a lot to them!  It matters, trust me!

Now off to hand out my thank you cards!  Hope they don’t read this post first!

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  1. Way cute card! There's something really special about home made card - especially in the fast paced world we live in :) I'm your newest twitter follower.

  2. Love the cards! I would so love to get a card like this for my b~day...


  3. Very cute cards! I've never made a card with my Silhouette yet... but I plan to this week... It's a little scary... I'm not very creative. hahaha


  4. I"m not usually much of a card girl, bu tI would make this one! Love the bird. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!