Thursday, October 25, 2012

Using hardware, frames, wood, and knobs!

Honestly everyone likes something that is a little different right!  With some great knobs Tara and I came up with some cool ways to use them.  For this project we took our scrap wood, paint, burlap, tiny nails, a close pin and of coarse pick a fun knob!  Be sure to use the sticky spray to make sure the burlap lays down flat.  Drill a hole for your knob.  Nail the burlap down to keep it in place.  Use the glue gun for the close pin!  WOW ~ So awesome right!

I used a Paris clock like knob!  FUN!

This next project is so simple it is silly!  So find an old door from your kitchen,  a thrift store, salvage store, the dump, ect...PAINT it a fun color!  Then find some fun knobs and drill a couple of holes and install your knobs.  Find a frame and use spray paint of what ever color you prefer and be sure to take out the glass.  Use wood glue and press firmly on the door.  Then lastly take a close pin and glue gun it to the door as well!  Now how easy and cute is this!
Lets go ladies ~ surprise your husband and friends with something cool you put together.

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Last but no least THE NO BRAINER!
Material List: a small piece of wood, 2 screws, paint, some hardware of your choice that has hooks!  Paint up your wood, let dry, and screw your hardware in.  THEN DONE...put it up on your wall and hang your keys from it!

Okay so there you are 3 easy projects for you to do and brag to everyone you know!  

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  1. I MADE SO MANY SPELLING ERRORS! HA...and I am an author of all things too! I know pretty silly! I am too tired to change them...but you guys get the picture! maggie