Tuesday, February 19, 2013

That Desk has Balls…Baseballs!


So there is this competition called Creating with the Stars that I am entering.  I have to submit my best ‘project’ that I have made, but, since I have soooo many awesome ones, I knew that I would need some advice as to which one to submit.  After I asked some friends what they thought, I brought up the question to my husband and my 8 year old son.  My son looked at me and said, “Mom, the best thing you have ever made came from your belly…ME!”  How stinking true is that!?! No matter what I have made or will make he is by far the best thing and I can in no way top that!  So, with him in mind, I decided to submit him and his baseball desk, that I made this summer (I made the desk this summer not him)! 

We lived in our old house (we just moved last month) for 5 years before I started ‘doing’ my son’s bedroom.  Since he loved sports, especially baseball, I decided it would be a sports themed room.  My son and I worked all summer painting it and redoing his furniture to fit his new themed room.  When it was done I realized that it needed a desk.  Now, I could have gone out and purchased one, but where is the fun in that? 



I went back and forth on ideas and still was not quite sure how I wanted to proceed until…I came across these beauties!


My local Sprouts was throwing these awesome crates away!  And NO, I am NOT lying!  I couldn’t believe it either!  I scored 20 amazing crates for free!!!!  I don’t think I had been this excited since…well, I am not sure, but you get the point! 


After congratulating myself on repurposing these crates for the base of the desk, I went to work.  First I cut one of the crates in half and then added shelves to each crate.

baseballdesk5        baseballdesk4

Ok, how creative and cool is the bottom of this desk?  This is by far my favorite part of the desk!  I didn’t want the crates to sit directly on the floor and I needed a little extra height so I added baseballs as the legs!  To keep the balls from moving I attached the rings from mason jar lids to the bottom of each crate and then attached the ball to the crate with screws! 

I did not take pics of the rest of the things I did, cause I did a lot of trial and error and I just didn’t want to have to stop to write down the measurements I used and so forth.



I just love how this desk turned out and how awesome it looked in his sports themed room! But, don’t worry, I brought the desk with us and it is now in his new bedroom!


Aren’t my 2 top things I have ‘made’ just awesome?   I totally hit a home run with this desk!  Yes, I did just write that! 

Wish me luck in the competition!  Thanks!

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  1. ENVY alert...so many crates for free. WOW! I use crates on my porch to hold my grand daughters toys and books.

    Your crate desk with baseball feet is very imaginative. Hope you win!

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