Monday, March 4, 2013

This Old (New) House


My family and I just moved into what we consider our ‘dream’ home!  Of course, there are a few minor details we would change if we could, but overall, we absolutely LOVE our new home!  

My husband had been looking at homes online for years…no joke, and I have been telling him that there was no we were moving.  I was extremely happy in our home. Yes, it was small and needed some work, but it had such character! 


Anyway, my husband had a day off in November so he drove me by this ‘house’, off the beaten path, that he had seen online!  It was beautiful!!! 

We called the realtor of the house and she meet us there right away!  I told my husband that we were just looking and that is that!

WELL…I was wrong! 

Sometimes it’s okay to be wrong!


We both fell in love with this 1950’s cottage ranch style home!  The previous owners had taken immaculate care of it and it needed NOOOO work done on it!


The grounds of the house were just amazing! The view and landscaping perfect!

Rocking chairs on the porch!!! SOLD!


After walking around the property, we stepped into the house…and, I just knew it would be ours!

Have you ever had that feeling that you ‘belong’ in a house? That a house was meant to be yours?


One crazy month later, we moved in and have felt like we are truly HOME!


  1. Looks like you would have room for visitors!

  2. Still not happy that we don't live like almost next store....BUT I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!! It is amazing. Great pick. Mag