Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Hoarding Hooter



How scary is this garage?  I mean, who would let their garage get this out of control?

garage3    garage6    garage1

Look at all that stuff!  Some people may think this person is a hoarder, but I think this person is awesome.  It may look like a bunch of junk, but, if you look closely, you can see a ton of ‘projects’ to be started.   The crazy thing is, the person whose garage this is, knows where everything is in all that clutter!

My husband has finally told me that if I don’t clean out and organize MY garage…yep all that junk is MINE…that is he is going to throw it ALL away!  Whatever!  But, I did decide it was time to unload some of my stuff to make room for more stuff…hehe!  My awesome parents are on their way here to help me organize the garage. 

‘Cleaning out my garage one project at a time’ will be a series in which I show the projects I have ‘found’ in my garage and completed.

I don’t give a ‘hoot’ if I am a hoarder!


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