Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year, New Light

Have you seen all the gorgeous chandeliers that people are repainting?  Have they inspired you to hit up your local thrift stores?  They did me!  I set out to find an inexpensive gold chandelier that I could paint and use above my dining table.  There were quite a few that I found. But, since I am quite cheap, oh I mean “frugal”, I waited til I found one for $1o!  The store didn’t even know if it worked or no. But I thought for that price, I couldn’t pass it up!  Luckily it works!
pre chandelier
Before spray painting it with Krylon’s Navy Blue, I covered the light bulb spots with tape for protection.  Spray paint has always intimidated me. However, the more I use it the more I love it!  It dries soooo fast!
ugly yellow light2
This is the cheap Ikea lamp that came with our house when we purchased it 5 years ago!  I can not believe it has taken me so long to replace it.  What was I thinking?  I have no idea how to do anything electrical, so I was not going to tackle this project alone.  My parents came out this weekend and my dad was so excited to have something to work on while he was here.  I think he was more excited about changing this lamp then I was.  Come to find out he hated the lamp! 
Here it is!!!  What do you think?  I LOVE how it turned out.  It really changes the whole feel of the house!  And of course my husband was thrilled that it only cost $10! 
Life’s a Hoot! - Tara


  1. Wow! I love the way this looks. Amazing how something so ugly can be made adorable with a can of spray paint. Great idea.

  2. Hey Tara~ This is Kelly! Great blog, this is awesome! If you would like, I will send your blog with a link so you can get some followers! You are so crafty!

    1. Hey Kelly, I would love some followers! Thanks!

    2. Thanks for the follow back! You are my 150th! :)

    3. Woot! Woot! Do I win some of your yummy cookies or something?

  3. I also think the navy color is really is unexpected yet awesomely stylish!