Monday, January 23, 2012

Vintage Thrift Store Finds

Thrift store shopping is so much fun!  You never ever know what you will find when hunting through them. I enjoy it so much more now after seeing all the transformations and ideas on blogs.  Finding an old piece of furniture with good bones for a great price is such a thrill!  You know what I am talking about!!!   

This last weekend my mom and I ‘hunted’ in thrift stores and Antique malls in Palm Springs.  Antique malls are fun, but are usually quite expensive.  We found some really fun pieces if you were doing a retro/vintage theme!!!

vintage kitchen

This is too stinking cute!  Wonder if my husband would go for it? 

So…I just showed my husband this picture and he said “awesome…what is it?” Really????


orange sink

Orange is such a happy color. This would be great in a bathroom!

yellow cabinet

Sorry, not the greatest picture…but I loved this yellow hutch.  It would be awesome anywhere in MY house!  If this had been in Poway and not Palm Springs, I would have been extremely tempted to purchase it, despite the high price tag.

I just showed you the good pieces, stay tuned for the bad and the ugly!!!

A ‘hoot’ out to thrift stores!


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