Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Soooo Need These!

Why do you go thrift store shopping?  Is it the thrill of the hunt?  The excitement of that amazing find?  The endless possibilities?  What about that piece you find that makes you stop, stare and think…what the???  You know those pieces I am talking about.  My friends and I always have a great time when we hit the thrift stores.  You never know what crazy ridiculous object you will find that will make you laugh!!!  And we love to laugh!


   My friend Maggie and I saw this and just about died!  Really…who has a red velvet headboard? Hugh Hefner?               And it was sold! Unreal!!!


And really, why would someone get rid of their mermaid?  MISTAKE!!! They are going to regret that decision one day.

mannequin2                 mannequin1

Now if this mannequin doesn’t make you want to purchase that outfit ASAP, then you need your eyes checked!

medieval chair1

When I look at this all I can think about is how comfortable this medieval thingy would be to lounge in on my patio.  I so would have bought it, but I didn’t think I could wheel it all the way home.  Yes, it has wheels! 

Everyone has their own unique style and taste which is great, but really???

What a Hoot!