Friday, January 20, 2012

To Copy or Not to Copy?

To copy or not to copy?  That is the question?

I am one of those people who have to copy everything exactly!!!  If a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of salt, that is what I put into the recipe.  If I see a project done with Krylon Heirloom White paint, that is the paint I use.  

Some people say copying is the best form of flattery.  What do you think?  Most all my projects I have done have been ones I have seen on blogs I read or on Pinterest.  At first I kind of felt guilty copying projects and giving them to friends as gifts, since the project wasn’t originally my idea. But, I realize people wouldn’t post their projects and ideas with instructions if they didn’t want people to make their projects. Just MAKE sure you give CREDIT where credit is due!

The more I copy things the more I come up with my own ideas and ways to do things! Copying is a great way for your own creativity to start growing! 

One of my absolute favorite blogs to copy and read is Shanty 2 Chic.  The Shanty sisters are amazing!  I am always excited to see what awesome project they have come up with.  Their projects are so fun to make because they give simple easy directions to follow!  Which is something I definitely need.  I have ‘copied’ a number of their projects to give as gifts to my family and friends.  I always give credit to the Shanty girls!!!  

This is a frame from the Shanty sisters that I have made twice now.  Here is the link their Shanty 2 Chic frame.


These are the supplies and tools I used:

  • 2x8x10 piece of wood (Home Depot)
  • burlap (Walmart)
  • Krylon Smoke Gray and Heirloom White spray paint (Home Depot/Walmart)
  • a wooden clothespin (Hobby Lobby)
  • wooden finial (Lowes)
  • candle wax (I used a Peppermint candle from Bath and Body Works, my hands smelled so good the rest of the day!)
  • a hook to hang on wall
  • furniture tacks – black ones
  • hammer
  • sand paper
  • super glue

    Follow these simple steps:

               shantyframe2                       shantyframe3                  shantyframe4

    1. Attach your hook on the back of wood.    2. Screw finial into the top of wood.   3. Spray paint a light coat of the gray.


                    shantyframe5                                   shantyframe6     

    4.Take candle wax and rub on edges of wood and finial.           5. Spray paint a good coat of the white paint.



    6. Spray paint your clothespin. 

    Spray painting a clothespin can be quite challenging.  You can’t hold it or you will end up with paint all over your hand.  If you lay it down you can’t coat all the sides very well.  After contemplating this dilemma I clipped it on a tiny branch then sprayed it.  I pretty much thought I was a genius! 

                     shantyframe8                                 shantyframe9

    7. Once paint dries, take sandpaper and sand the wax off.     8. Cut burlap, attach with tacks, hot glue clothespin on.



    How easy, but totally awesome is that!?!

    So to conclude, COPYING is a Hoot!

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    1. That looks terrific! Copying also works with recipes. I baked for many years and came across so many recipes of others and eventually I was able to grow on my own and create my own recipes from my own ideas. :)