Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Burlap Heart

So…guess what?  My sweet husband sent me flowers! And, he ordered them last week, before I even posted my flower blog…so he says.  Hehe, I believe him.  I would post a picture but the flowers aren’t looking too good yet.  In fact, my husband was not impressed with them at all.  If you have ever received flowers from ProFlowers you know they come freshly cut and don’t always look their best to start with.  Give them a couple of days and they look awesome!  Supposedly they last longer that way. Who knows?

Even though Valentine’s Day has passed I wanted to share with you a quick little I Love You pillow my son and I made for his 89 year old great grandma in Nebraska.

heart1                   heart2

Isn’t it the best when you have everything on hand you need to make your project?  I think so!  After digging out my burlap, and yes, ironing it, I folded the burlap in half.  Ryker used a red sharpie to draw a heart on it. 

heart3                  heart5

Burlap is not the easiest to cut, or maybe my scissors just aren’t very sharp?  Anyway, after cutting around the heart, my son wrote ‘I Love You’ on the front.  See, I told you he has way better writing than me…and he is only 7 years old!

heart6                  heart8

Next I hand stitched around the heart, leaving a little section unstitched to add the stuffing.  Notice how awesome my nails look!  I have become addicted to getting my nails done in Shellac.  If you have never done it, go do it, you will love it!

heart9              heart10

Once done stuffing it with filler and stitching the last of it up, it just didn’t look quite right.  To give it a finished look, I hot glued Jute around the edges, trying not to cover up the red heart my son had drawn.


Yes, I know you can see the hot glue, but my grandma is 89 and she isn’t going to notice it or even care!


My son is so proud of his burlap heart that he (ok, we) made!


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