Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yep, Drop It!

The other day after doing about 10-15 minutes of housework, I decided it was time for a much needed break!  Being in the mood to make something, I dug through my pile of wood and found a little piece that said ‘pick me, pick me’!  So, guess what?  I picked it…of course! 

Months ago I had bought this crazy, ridiculously expensive($18) hook from Anthropologie that I had yet to use.  Looking back, I ask myself, “why in the world did you spend so much money on a hook”?  The answer is, to me quite obvious…I wanted to buy something/anything from Anthropologie and it was the cheapest thing in the store!!!   Good reason, huh? 

Anywho…I decided to make a smaller version of the Shanty 2 Chic mason jar holder.  I have already made 2 of the bigger ones that I have given as gifts…which have been a huge hit!  I know that I have said this before, but I will say it again…I love the Shanty sisters!  And by love, I don’t mean the ‘will you be my Valentines’ sort of love.  But the ‘you are totally awesome, creative and I love how you share your ideas with the rest of us’ sort of love!

Moving on…

        holder1                      holder2

The first thing I did was stain my 7x10 piece of wood. 

     holder3         holder4

I decided to try a new way, at least for me, of painting.  There was this certain color of spray paint I wanted to use, but didn’t want it to look spray painted.  I sprayed the paint onto a paint brush, just enough to get it a little wet, then brushed the paint on the wood to give it an old look.  After going over it many times to get the look I wanted, I was quite pleased with myself!  Until…I tried washing my paint brush.  Ugh, I didn’t let the stain dry long enough before I did my new technique, so it made my brush super icky and I couldn’t wash it.  So into the trash it went.


Now, pay attention, because this is thee most ‘important’ step!  Are you ready?  Make sure that you drop your piece right after it is painted!  Yep, you heard that right.  Drop it onto the cement to get that chipped look on your edges!  Trust me…it works! 


It looked so cute!  Until I hung it up!  I just didn’t like how it looked on my gray walls.


So…down it came and it got a new coat of paint right over the jade color.  With, of course, the same technique!  Then I added distress ink on the edges to get the darker look that I wanted.




Now…it looks much better on my walls!  Plus, the little flowers are too cute!

All in all, it was a productive day…well, my husband may not completely agree with me, since 10 minutes of cleaning didn’t do too much!  Hey…I made the bed! Oh wait, maybe he did?  Oh well…whose keeping track?