Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cupcake, Anyone?

Cupcake stores have been popping up all over the place this last year.  Have you ventured into one and paid over 3 dollars for a cupcake?  Was it worth the 3 dollars?  Now, I enjoy a good cupcake…especially a red velvet one, but I honestly feel like I can make just as good of a cupcake at home with a box mix as some of the ones I have bought.  Of course I have had some amazing homemade cupcakes like the ones that My Sweet Creations has made, thanks girl, but then everything she makes tastes delicious! 

I love to bake as long as I have step by step directions.  I am not one of those bakers who likes to experiment and make up her own from scratch recipes…maybe one day!  Yeah right, who am I kidding? 

My mom gave me the cupcake book, What’s New Cupcake?.  Have you seen it?  It has amazing, fun themed ideas with easy to follow instructions…which I need! Most of the cupcakes are so cute and have many different edible things on them that I am not even sure I would want to eat one, but they make cute gifts!  




Here are a couple of ‘apple’ cupcakes I made for two of my son’s teachers last year for Teacher Appreciation Day! I put them in some cute baskets and bought a wooden apple sign that I had my son write his teacher’s name on! I think that they turned out so cute. See what I mean…they are too cute too eat!  Would you eat them? 

Unfortunately, I didn’t take step by step pictures of them, cause I wasn’t blogging back then.  They were quite simple to make…wait, I mean they were so hard and took me all day to make!  Wow, sometimes I amaze myself! :)

IMG_8071 (2)



My friend and I threw one of our friends a 40th surprise Karaoke party!  I made karaoke cupcakes, which were a huge hit!  They were a lot of fun to make and I think they turned out great!  The microphones are made from mini ice cream cones, that we got from McDonalds, and donut holes with frosting and edible glitter.  Can’t go wrong with edible glitter, huh?

Hmm, why am I suddenly craving a cupcake?  Someone please bring me one!  Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for the shout! Your cupcakes look amazing , way too cute to eat, but I know I couldn't resist the sugar.

  2. I loved the ones you made for Allie's birthday!

  3. Very Cute cupcakes! Man , you put some time into those. Visiting from SITS spring fling. New follower