Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Cement Square?

While my mom and I were cleaning and organizing my garage my dad was fixing up a cement square.  A what…you ask?  We recently had our spa (that didn’t work) removed…leaving a square of cement.  The spa, which could only hold about 2 people, was old and quite ugly. My dad had kept telling me to get rid of it so he could work on my backyard.  As soon as he heard that I had it removed, he decided to come with my mom to ‘fix’ the cement square! 



Here is the old ugly spa!




Already looking better with the spa gone. But better wasn’t the objective…great was!



There you have it!  So much better, don’t you think?  My dad has a great eye for landscaping and outdoor living.  He stained the cement, put sealant over it and moved my furniture and pots to make it an awesome little sitting area.  Notice the bench with the pigs playing in the mud on it. Cute, huh?  NOT!  I am in the process of redoing that bench, so watch for the new improved version, minus the muddy piggy's!!!


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