Sunday, February 5, 2012

This Little Piggy…

This little piggy went to the dump…well, actually to the side of my yard!
As much as I love pigs (which I don’t), I have been wanting to redo this bench for a long time. Unfortunately I lacked motivation to do it, until the cement square was done!  The piggy bench just did NOT look right.  Who puts pigs frolicking in the mud on a bench anyway?  Maybe cute if you lived on a farm?  Or not!
This bench is heavy!  Of course I decided to start on it when I was home alone.  Before I could even move the bench, I had to unscrew the iron pigs, which then fell and cut my finger. Ok, more like scratched my finger.
After I removed the heavy iron pig scene, I covered (barely) the wood and spray painted the iron arms Kyrlon Navy Blue. I gave it a couple of coats, let it dry, then knocked it over, literally just pushed it over,  so I could spray paint the feet of the bench.
While the waiting for the paint to dry, I cut my 1x6 to fit inside the back of my bench.  My dad was kind enough to let me ‘borrow’ his saw, which he may never get back.  This was my first time using it all by myself.  I think my dad thought I would cut my fingers off cause he wanted me to call him right when I was done!  It was the easiest thing to use!  I loved it and still have ALL my fingers!!!
Next I gave my newly cut wood a couple coats of spray paint, followed by roughing up the edges with sand paper and finishing with some stain.  The piece looked kinda blah, so I decided to stencil on it.  I have never stenciled on wood and thought how hard can it be?  Well, it was a disaster.  I do not have a stencil brush so I used a paint brush.  That did not work, so I had to sand it off and repaint and stain my wood.  Ugh!  Next, I tried spray painting with the stencil and that worked better, but not great.  I kept the spray paint look anyway, cause I am lazy (don’t judge) and was NOT going to do it again!!!  Not sure why I didn’t take a picture of that mess.
bench8                 bench9
While my wood piece was drying, I stained the bench.  After everything was dry I attached my stenciled wood piece to the bench, which was a challenge in itself. But I did it!

Thank goodness the pigs are gone.  I LOVE how it turned out.  Now to find some cute outside pillows…HomeGoods here I come! 
One more thing. If you know anyone who loves pigs, I still have the iron piece!
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  1. Much better than the pigs. I love that your dad wanted you to call him after using the saw...he sounds like a good dad! :)